Luke Nelson

Creative Media Producer

Web Development

I have many years of web development experience ranging from simple websites to large, scalable web applications. As well as HTML, CSS and JS, I am familiar with PHP, SCSS and command line interfaces. I have experience setting up and configuring servers, including on cloud providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure, as well as server software such as WHM/CPanel, Apache, IIS and Node.js.

Video Production

Video has been my passion since childhood. From short films to corporate videos, I have experience shooting cinematic scenes, conducting video interviews and recording stock footage. I’ve worked filming live sporting and music events. I have many years experience working various camera and with the Adobe suite.

Sound & Lighting

I have experience recording music in studios as well as sound engineering for live events. I’ve used a number of digital and analogue sound desks as well as DAW’s such as Pro Tools. I’ve dealt with lighting installation and setup in multiple buildings as well as for live events. I also install A/V setups and networking infrastructure.

Drone Operations

I’m a registered and qualified drone pilot, having completed my A2 Certificate of Competence in 2020. I’m currently undertaking my GVC which allows for more complex operations. Drone operations include photography, videography, site surveys and aerial photogrammetry.